European press publishers welcome the support of the European Parliament for reduced VAT rates for the digital press

Press publishers across Europe welcome the broad support of the European Parliament towards the alignment of VAT rates for digital books, newspapers and periodicals, which came out of a vote during the mini plenary session in Brussels earlier this week.

European Press Publishers underline importance of defending press freedom on World Press Freedom Day

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day European press publishers call to EU policy and decision makers to uphold press freedom and support the necessary legal framework for a free, independent, pluralistic and vibrant press sector that is able to perform its important role in our democratic society.

European Press Publishers welcome European journalists’ support for the publishers’ right

At the occasion of today’s World Intellectual Property Day, that is a yearly celebration of IP's role in stimulating innovation and creativity, EMMA welcomes     the announcement made by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) to support the publishers’ right as part of the EU copyright reform. EMMA President Auke Visser stated “Following the recent public statement of the EFJ, it is an important step to see that the European Federation of Journalists acknowledges the need for a publisher’s right at EU level which contributes to press sustainability and employment on a long term. This is a common objective that we want to achieve in order to safeguard press freedom and journalism.”

WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY: A celebration of creativity and intellectual endeavour

Today, 26 April, is World Intellectual Property Right Day, a celebration of creativity, invention and intellectual endeavour. This day recognises an established legal system designed to reward all the creators, designers and innovators who enrich our lives and contribute to global progress. IP is the backbone of creativity and provides individuals and companies with the confidence to invest, invent and create, in the knowledge that their endeavour will be protected at law and recognised as belonging to them so they can be paid when it is used and enjoyed by others.

Press freedom and media pluralism under threat in European Parliament vote on the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive

Publishers of newspapers and magazines in Europe today sounded the alarm ahead of a vote in the European Parliament on the proposal for an updated AVMS Directive that could seriously undermine media pluralism and press freedom in Europe.

Newspaper and magazine publishers slam European Parliament report for dismissing proposal for a Publisher’s Right and prioritising litigation over licensing and cooperation

Published yesterday evening, Tuesday, 7 March, EP Rapporteur Therese Comodini Cachia’s report on the EU copyright reform package recommends rejection of the proposal for a Publisher’s Right that would go some way to address the major challenges faced by publishers striving to finance an independent press and professional journalism in the face of wide-spread theft of their digital content and diversion of revenue-earning potential.

Act now to #SaveYourPress

Ahead of the upcoming votes on the revised EU Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, European publishers’ associations are launching the #SaveYourPress campaign to promote support for the Publisher’s Right across the EU.

Own-initiative report on whistleblowers adopted in plenary

Today, 14 February, the plenary assembly in Strasbourg approved an own-initiative report on the role of whistleblowers in the protection of EU’s financial interests, put forward by the Budgetary Control (CONT) Committee earlier this year.

EMMA welcomes Antonio Tajani to his new role as European Parliament President

In an unusually competitive election, Italian MEP Antonio Tajani was elected the 29th president of the European Parliament earlier this week after striking a deal with between his political group, the European People’s Party, and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

TRUSTe / EDAA research shows digital advertising self-regulatory programme continues to improve consumer attitudes towards interest-based advertising

Recently conducted online research shows an icon aimed at providing greater transparency and control over online behavioural advertising (OBA), commonly referred to as interest-based advertising, is improving consumer attitudes towards OBA and growing in awareness. The study of 15 European countries was commissioned by theEuropean Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), a European industry coalition setup to licence the ‘OBA Icon’ to companies involved in Online Behavioural Advertising across Europe andTRUSTe, a leading data privacy management company.

The Commission proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation seriously undermines the economic sustainability of the digital press

Today, the European Commission presented a legislative proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation concerning the respect for private life and personal data in electronic communications and repealing the existing Directive 2002/58/EC (last modified in 2009). Among other things, the proposal introduces new rules governing the use of cookies, which will significantly affect the business model of the digital press.

Protests in Poland over press freedom restrictions

On Friday and Saturday protests against press freedom restrictions resumed in Poland after the ruling Law & Justice (PiS) party pushed through regulations that would limit journalists’ access to the Parliament building as from 1 January. The protests that followed saw opposition MPs block access to the main parliamentary chamber and the forced removal of demonstrators who blocked the building's exits by police. 

Publishers across Europe explain why a publisher's right is essential for their businesses

The proposal by the European Commission to include publishers as rights holders under the EU copyright framework is an historically important step and the necessary precondition for guaranteeing media pluralism as an essential basis for freedom of opinion and democracy in the digital world. Today, European newspaper and magazine publishers are reaching more consumers than ever before, but in spite of investing heavily in adapting their businesses to the realities of the digital environment, publishers still don't have an adequate way to protect their investments.

Celebrating 250 years of press freedom in Sweden

Today, Sweden celebrates the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Press Act. The act, which was the world's first legislation on freedom of expression and freedom of information and constitutes a vital part of Swedish democratic society, states that all citizens have the right to freely seek information. The European Magazine Media Association recognises the importance of this legislation, and joins in celebrating freedom of expression, transparency and media in Sweden and across Europe.