EU Copyright Action Plan published

The European Commission has published a Communication entitled “Towards a more modern, more European copyright framework”, which it describes as a "political preview" that will be translated into legislative proposals and policy initiatives in the next six months. (See here for more details of the Communication, as well as the Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on online content portability).

The Communication specifies, amongst other things, that following a first step of proposing the legislation required to implement the Marrakesh Treaty, the Commission will “assess options and will consider legislative proposals on other EU exceptions by spring 2016”. It also highlights the “growing concern about whether the current EU copyright rules make sure that the value generated by some of the new forms of online content distribution is fairly shared, especially where right holders cannot set licensing terms and negotiate on a fair basis with potential users”. It also recognizes that the current situation “raises questions about whether the current set of rights recognised in EU law is sufficient and well-designed”. As regards the legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, the Commission will “assess options and consider by autumn 2016 the need to amend the legal framework focusing on commercial-scale infringements”.

As magazine publishers need to be able to rely on copyright protection to continue investing in quality content and ensure the sustainable delivery of the high-value, quality, professional content they produce for Europe’s consumers and businesses. EMMA will be closely following copyright-related developments at EU-level in the coming months and continue to engage with the EU Institutions on this matter.


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