Strong growth for Roularta magazines in Belgium

According to the recent CIM Print Survey, all Roularta titles together reach more than half of the Belgians. In total 5 million Belgians read one or more titles owned by Roularta Media Group.

The print titles of Roularta Media Group got very good results in the CIM Print Survey 2014-2015 which was published yesterday. Together, all titles reach 4,819,170 Belgians which is more than 50% of the total population aged 12+.

The biggest rise within the Group is claimed by the Dutch weekly news magazine pack: Knack news magazine notes an important rise of 15%, Knack Focus increases with 14% and Knack Weekend with 12%.

For the first time Sport/Voetbalmagazine-Foot Magazine reaches more than 600,000 readers, an increase of 10%.

Based on these latest results, the following magazine combinations consequently reach a much larger audience:

  • R News: +7%, 1,549,600 readers (Knack + Le Vif/L’Express + Trends/Trends-Tendances + Sport/Voetbalmagazine-Foot Magazine)
  • R Women: +3%, 1,259,200 readers (Knack Weekend + Le Vif Weekend + Nest + Plus Magazine)
  • R Young Lifestyle Men: +9%, 976,200 readers (Knack Focus + Focus Vif + Sport/Voetbalmagazine-Foot Magazine)
  • The ICT magazine Data News consolidates its important position in this niche market.
  • Data News reaches 55,300 people thus ensuring an increase of 21% in readership.
  • Next, the magazine for the active senior citizen, Plus Magazine, grows with 7%.
  • The business weekly Trends/Trends-Tendances reaches 4% more readers.
  • Le Vif/L’Express grows with 3%. Nest enjoys stability with a readership of almost half a million people.

All Roularta magazines keep their preponderant affinity with the main target groups:

  • More than half of all Knack Weekend/Le Vif Weekend readers belong to the two highest social groups (aff. 183).
  • Sport/Voetbalmagazine-Foot Magazine is the most selective magazine on young men (aff. 282).
  • Trends/Trends-Tendances is firmly embedded in the media market thanks to an exceptionally stable readership during the past 15 years and remains highly selective on businessmen (aff. 392).


Note: All figures mentioned above are based on the comparison of CIM Audience Figures print + digital of September 2015 with September 2014.


For further information contact:

Rik De Nolf 
CEO Roularta Media Group

+32 51 26 63 23

Philippe Belpaire 
General Manager Roularta Media

+32 2 467 56 44


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